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When we talk about terrorists we have to know and accept that most acts of terrorism are committed by Americans and that most terrorists are grown on our own shit. We must not fall into the mistaken belief that it is the foreigner, the foreigner, who is eager to harm us. That is almost never the case. We know a lot more about it now than we used to. We know that in most murders, the victim knew the perpetrator. Children are usually not abused by ominous strangers in trench coats, but rather by relatives, neighbors or a friendly clergyman. Arsonists are, in a great many cases, ex-firefighters, and burglars are often people who have been to your home or worked there. All the security measures to keep 9/11 terrorists out of New York City Hall -163-

did little to help the city council, which, with the tolerance of the police, led its own murderer around the metal detectors. As for the hijacking and repurposing of airplanes, the only two cases prior to 9/11 were the perpetrators – airline employees – rather than some crazy outsider. The only two mass murder airplane hijackings before September 11, 2001 were carried out by airline employees. (In December 1987, a bitter US Air employee who did not have to go through security smuggled a pistol on board and crashed the machine in California, and on November 1, 1999, an employee of an Egyptian airline took control of a machine and crash over the Atlantic.) We must stop imagining “terrorists” as masked and anonymous foreigners. Much more likely it is someone you know personally. Maybe you’re having a beer with him right now. I found it interesting from the start that a multimillionaire was supposed to be behind the mass murder of September 11th. It is always said that the attacks were the work of a “terrorist”, an “Islamic fundamentalist” or, if you like, an “Arab”. But we never define Osama bin Laden by his rightful title: multimillionaire. Why didn’t we even read the headline “Multimillionaire 3,000-fold Murderer!” The headline would be just as true, wouldn’t it? Osama bin Laden’s net worth is at least $ 30 million; so he’s a multimillionaire. Then why don’t we see him for what he is? As a rich villain who kills people? Why is the »multimillionaire« characteristic not a central element in the creation of profiles of potential -164-

Used terrorists? Instead of rounding up loads of suspicious Arabs and locking us up, we should say, “Oh my God, a multimillionaire killed 3,000 people! Get all multimillionaires together! Throw them in jail! No charges! No negotiations! Deport all millionaires !! «We need protection from our own multimillionaires, the corporate terrorists, from the villains who plunder our pension funds, who destroy the environment, exploit precious fossil fuels in the name of profit that deny us the right to universal health care and Taking people away from their jobs when they feel like it.